Celebrate The Sweet Taste Of Holi

Celebrate The Sweet Taste Of Holi

Spring is here, and there is a heady exuberance in the air. It’s time once more to look forward to celebrating one of the most joyous festivals in the country, Holi, the Festival of Colour. The warm spring day is for friends and family to gather together, anoint each other with the auspicious hues of gulal, and catch up over great food, conversations and laughter.

Here are some ideas to add sparkle to your Holi gathering.

Welcome Notes
Usher in guests with a marigold garland, a ceremonial tika and a glass of delicious thandai. This will get your party off to a delightful festive start. As with all Indian festivals, Holi too is associated with special foods, and thandai, a cool, delicious milk-based drink, is part and parcel of age-old tradition. The flavourful drink is made with a mix of nuts, seeds, spices, and is delicately sweetened. Traditionally prepared by hand, now you may sip of the ‘Holi drink’ crafted out of the Anand Sweets Thandai Concentrate Mix: authentic taste, and super convenient too!

Rang Barse… Mood Music

Even though Holi parties are generally outdoors, it’s nice to have adequate, comfortable seating for your guests. Play the traditional Holi songs from down the ages – from Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar to Vishal Dadlani and Shalmali Kholgade – we just can’t get enough. If there are singers in the gathering, they may be invited to sing as well.

The Little Touches
Put out trays of organic gulal and tubs of water mixed with colour - along with pichkaris - for all who enjoy going the whole way and love indulging in a truly unbridled, riotous Holi. Have ready platters of sweets and savouries for guests to dip into, along with the thandai and other drinks of choice.

Gujiyas: Taste of tradition

On snacks platters, along with namkeens and savouries, you must have gujiyas – an integral part of the festival. Said to be a speciality of Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, today, the gujiya takes on many avatars: Pedakiya in Bihar, Karjikayi in Karnataka and Karanji in Maharashtra.

The Anand Sweets Gujiyas are a celebration of traditional taste, and are the perfect festive indulgences. The flaky pastries are packed with a scrumptious mix of milk solids, almonds, cashews and desiccated coconut. Stock up on Anand Sweets Holi Ki Mithaas specialty boxes packed with gujiyas made for the occasion. The beautifully packed sweets also make for charming takeaway gifts for your guests.
No-fuss meal plan
Stick to a tasty but no-fuss menu for the meal. A biryani, with a mirch ka salan maybe, and raita, salad, pickles and papad would do nicely. The gujiya provides the perfect sweet end to such a meal. Add a second festive dessert: The Anand Sweets Ajmeri Kalakand. Soft, delicate and with melt-in-the-mouth sweetness, our Ajmeri Kalakand is redolent with the scent of green cardamom. Don’t forget to keep the thandai flowing to wash down the hearty meal.

Holi Gifting
Holi Gifting
For all your friends and family who may not be able to join you on Holi day, send them Holi wishes in advance with the all-in-one gift box: the Anand Sweets Rang Barse Special Holi Gift Box with splashes of gulal hues on cover. It comes with our fresh and flaky Gujiyas, Thandai Concentrate Mix and Organic Gulal – all neatly packaged to make the festival truly special.


You can shop for the Anand Sweets Holi Ki Mithaas box, Anand Sweets Thandai Concentrate Mix and the Anand Sweets Rang Barse Special Holi Gift Box at all our stores, or order them online via Swiggy and Zomato. Order today!


Have a safe and wonderful Holi.

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