Women’s Day: A Celebration of Versatility

Women’s Day: A Celebration of Versatility

A woman wears myriad hats: professional, mother, daughter, homemaker and more. In each role, she brings her unique versatility, sensibility and sensitivity to make it truly meaningful and special.

Just as versatile is the fragrant rose, a bloom like no other.

From lighting up a space magically, to lending its delicate notes to perfumes, and being used to create flavourful food and drink - the rose is a true gift of Nature, versatile in use, and highly prized. 

Many ‘Roles’ of the Rose
To begin with, the rose is an enduring symbol of friendship and love from ancient times. Yellow roses for friendship and red for romance – goes the saying. A bouquet of fresh fragrant roses placed in a room transforms it instantly as no other element of décor can. Rose water – made by soaking fresh petals in water - is used as a coolant, freshener and added to special dishes to enhance flavour. Rose water is said to have been created by the Mughal Empress Noor Jehan. 

Rose Sweets

Enhancing Food and Drink
The rose has always been used in a variety of delicacies to give them special flavour and taste. Rose syrup, gulkand, rose essence, rose water, herbal tea, rose petals for garnish - are just some of the ways this wonderful flower finds use in food and drink.

gulab sherbet

Enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants, the rose has several therapeutic benefits as well. These range from helping in digestion, being a coolant and enhancing mental well-being. Rose herbal tea helps you stay warm in the winter while rose syrup is used to make the cool, refreshing rose sherbet – part and parcel of the hot subcontinental summer. The delicious gulkand or the sweet flavourful preserve of rose petals, is especially nutritious and a natural digestive. 

Wishes Delicious and Meaningful
This Women’s Day, we bring you an interesting suggestion. How about celebrating the inspiring versatility of women – comparable to that of the rose - by wishing them with a box of luxurious rose-based dessert? A sweet surprise, for sure! Take your pick from the range of delicacies from Anand Sweets that uses this unique flower as a delicate ingredient.
Kaju Katli GulkandGulkand Kaju Katli: Sweetened with ‘rose jam’ or the preserve of rose petals created using the most fragrant and fresh rose petals, this cashew fudge is an Anand Sweets special. A divine medley of the mild fragrance of rose and the rich milky taste of the nutritious nuts, the Anand Sweets Gulkand Kaju Katli comes in attractive boxes.

Kaju Kalam: A soft, delicious roll, crafted out of cashew paste and stuffed with almonds, pistachios and gulkand – guaranteed to transport your giftee to food heaven. This one has the added goodness of mixed nuts. The sweet treacle-like gulkand beautifully offsets the nutty taste, creating a burst of flavour. The silver vark adds the touch of luxury, enhancing your gift.

Strawberry Kaju Katli: The alluring strawberry blush blended with the goodness of cashew nuts is given a fine finish with the garnish of dried rose petals. The subtle fragrance of sweet Indian rose permeates this decadent delicacy.

Orange RoseOrange Rose Melange: A sweet heady mix, fit for royalty. Dried orange, rose petals and a rich assortment of nuts. A beautiful presentation, this is a gift that is a treat for the eyes as well as the palate. Show the love and carry home a packet to delight the women in your home. A gracious gesture, a token of thanks for all they do to sweeten your life.

Go on get your gift and wish the women in your life a Happy Women’s Day!

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