An Easy Reckoner To Planning A Fun-filled Picnic

An Easy Reckoner To Planning A Fun-filled Picnic

There are few things that evoke peak summer than going on a picnic with your family and friends. Summer is when nature is at her vibrant best and with their holidays on, a picnic is the ideal way to give the little ones a break from studies and mobile screens too.

Once the plan for the picnic is finalised, it’s time to factor in some pointers to get things rolling. As a brand that is focused on adding happiness to all occasions, big or small, we’ve drawn up an easy reckoner for planning a picnic that will be fun and unforgettable:

Choose a scenic, sprawling location: The most important thing in the checklist. While choosing a location, pick an outdoorsy space like a natural park that can accommodate a large group and where children can run around freely; offers shade; and has easy access to restrooms. Prepare a basic schedule of activities planned and places to visit during the day. 
For suggestions on where to go, refer to our blog for quick getaways from Bangalore

Pack a picnic hamper that includes something for everyone:  As important if not more than the venue of the picnic is the picnic hamper. Think of the hamper as a goodie box that contains everything from food to first aid kit needed to make the picnic a relaxed affair. As such a lot of thought needs to go into preparing the hamper. Two days before the picnic, start by making a list of things that have to compulsorily be included. Here’s a list of items you should definitely include to create a picnic hamper that’s a hit with everyone in the group: 

  • Food that is easy to carry and unwrap: Sandwiches or rolls make for great picnic food. They are easy to make and can be customized to suit different dietary preferences. Keeping the hot season in mind, pack in two varieties of cold salads such as a potato salad, pasta salad or a coleslaw. Add fresh fruits of the season such as mangoes, grapes and melons. They are easy to carry and perfect to beat post-trek hunger and are a healthier option if you have kids in the group. Crunchy snacks are a must to munch on while playing board games. Take your pick from Anand’s tasty savouries like Masala Boletos, Matris, Banana Chips, Lovely Namak Para and the Dehraduni Saunf Rusk. For a post-meal treat, pack some mithai, cookies or cupcakes to indulge everyone’s sweet tooth. Anand’s Coconut Burfi, Rasgulla and Gulab Jamun tins and Almond Pista Cookies are some yummy options.

  • Beverages that are refreshing: Along with food, remember to pack adequate number of water cans and bottles and bottles of fruit juice to keep everyone hydrated. Choose from Anand’s delicious range of beverages like Kesar Elaichi Sharbat, Gul Sharbat, Masala Shikanji and Aam Panna among others.  

  • Recyclable plateware & cutlery: Factor in all the members of the group to pack an adequate number of plates, cups, napkins, and disposable cutlery like forks, knives, and spoons. Instead of carrying single use disposable crockery, be eco-conscious and buy recyclable plateware instead.

  • Cooler: While it is not entirely essential, a cooler is a good picnic accessory as it keeps the food and beverages being carried fresh and cool. Invest or rent one before you head out for your group picnic.
  • Blanket or picnic mat:  Carry a comfortable and spacious blanket or a couple of picnic mats to sit on while having your picnic. If you are taking kids along, pack a couple of bedsheets or throws that can prove useful when they nap.

  • First Aid and other essentials: Remember to add a first aid kit containing medicines for cold, headache, fever and minor stomach ailments along with a pain relief spray. Throw in other essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and trash bags to pick up any garbage or leftovers after the picnic— you want to leave the spot as clean as you found it.

  • Games and DIY activities: Add some extra fun to the get-together by planning games – whether it’s a treasure hunt or playing board games like Snakes & Ladders, Ludo or Pictionary. For kids, carry a frisbee, ball or colouring books. 

Things to keep in mind if you are travelling with kids:  Choose a time when the weather is pleasant and not too hot or cold. Mornings or late afternoons are ideal. A great way to get the young ones excited about the trip is to involve them in the planning process. For instance, ask them to choose some of the activities or snacks for the picnic. Carry additional clothes and shoes to change. Read the rules and regulations of the place you are visiting regarding children’s safety. 

You are now set for a summer picnic! Remember to stop by Anand’s stores to stock up on snacks and treats for the picnic. 

Happy picnicking! 

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