Royal motifs & modern design: Decoding Anand’s unique packaging

Royal motifs & modern design: Decoding Anand’s unique packaging

While we do not judge a book by its cover, we all love a good cover! The essence of a good story is truly enhanced by a thoughtful cover capturing the heart of the tale. At Anand too, our packaging is an aesthetic representation of what we bring you — a delicious, authentic taste that serenades the modern palate while being rooted in tradition.

Our aim is to make you feel like modern-day royalty when you shop at Anand. We pride ourselves not just for the delectably nuanced delicacies crafted with the best ingredients, but also for the elegance of the boxes they come nestled in — the perfect foil to the scrumptious variety of taste and flavour.

Here’s a glimpse of the artistic inspirations that led to the creation of the premium trademark packaging that Anand Sweets is known for the world over.


Traditional muse nuanced with modern design

Sanjhi (derived from the word sanjh or ‘dusk’), the art of paper stencilling traditionally practised across Mathura and Vrindavan, is at the core of the design inspiration for our packaging. The art was traditionally used to make ceremonial rangolis in temples dedicated to Lord Krishna. The delicate designs and picture motifs narrated tales from Lord Krishna’s life.

Our packaging takes inspiration from Sanjhi and folk art but beautifully segues into the contemporary design space. The soothing, uniform nature of the zigzag chevron pattern adds a touch of modern minimalism and has become synonymous with Anand Sweets. The Anand gift boxes, particularly, are pure works of art that create a wonderful medley of old and new.

Anand’s Dry Fruit Samosa and the Meetaaz (Bites) Box are examples that represent the artistic medley. The boxes are adorned with Sanji inspired art, while the sides are embellished with chevron patterns. The muted colours of sky blue and the traditional saffron add elegance. This amalgamation of colour and design is a testament to the fact that Anand Sweets indeed has the pulse of modern India — young at heart, rooted in rich tradition. 

Visual symphonies leading into gastronomical feasts 

Yes, Anand Sweets’ boxes of deliciousness look as good as the sweets inside taste.

Colour palette: Royal gold is the highlight hue used across Anand packaging to underline the authenticity and traditional moorings of our sweets. However, traditional earth colours and mehendi shades brush shoulders with a more modern palette of muted lilac, beige, and pale azure — creating once more a bridge, an amalgamation, of the best of yore and global trends.

Packages with royal elements: While the chevron patterns add a touch of modernity, the motifs are a delightful evocation of traditional artistry: intricate drawings of trees, birds, and majestic royal arches and palace etchings. Beautifully crafted in harmonious balance, the packaging resonates with young and old.

Check Anand’s Karnataka Box, the epitome of royalty and tradition. While the turmeric yellow of the box and the patterns of palaces and the hathi howdah represent royal Karnataka, the delectable sweets within, our special Mysore Pak and Dharwad Pedha, bring you the true royal taste of the state. Similarly, the Assorted Sweets Gift Box - Royal Bandhan, has motifs of the regal peacock and lofty palace of yore — symbols of quintessential Indian royalty.

A tribute to Indian heritage: At the core, we are Indian, and our rich cultural heritage must always remain at the centre of all aesthetics. Floral motifs inspired by the lush landscapes of the country; elaborate geometric patterns reminiscent of the traditional Indian textiles and architecture, and cultural symbols and icons such as peacocks, flowers, palaces, temples, and chariots make each Anand box a reflection of Indian culture.

The designs and patterns that adorn Anand’s Assorted Sweets Gift Boxes perfectly represent this amalgamation. For instance, The Phool Mahal box is beautified with designs of Indian gazebos, palaces, and birds native to the country. Similarly, the Udaivilas and the Luminous Spirits boxes are adorned with flora and fauna, core to the Indian subcontinent.

Green packaging: Quality within and without

Nature is Home. At Anand, we strongly believe in this and take pride in protecting and nurturing our planet in any way we can. Our packaging is crafted with the environment in mind. Most of our boxes use paper; a handful of our dried fruits and nuts come in reusable jars. Our aim is to go completely plastic-free.

Love for India and everything Indian is our underlying philosophy, and at every step of the way, we ensure that our sweets, namkeens, and packaging boxes are a true reflection of this. So, come to Anand for the youthful taste of sweet goodness. And don’t forget to spread the sweetness — share Anand with your loved ones, for Anand’s sweets and savouries taste best when shared!

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