Sweets without the Sweet Spikes: Navigating the Glycaemic Index with Anand Sweets

Sweets without the Sweet Spikes: Navigating the Glycaemic Index with Anand Sweets

Sweeteners and sugar free alternatives can be confusing. At Anand we have a range of Sugar Free sweets which tastes as good as the OG itself, without the notorious Glycaemic Index “spike”.


So what exactly is Glycaemic Index?


Glycaemic Index Unveiled


Imagine GI as your sweet-o-meter, telling you how fast a particular food will raise your blood sugar. The lower the GI, the gentler the rise. So, why does it matter? Well, steady blood sugar levels mean sustained energy and no sudden crashes—ideal for a blissful day without the sugar drama.


Classic Sweeteners and their GI Ratings


  1. Sugar: The OG sweetener – high GI, giving you that instant sugar rush. GI: 65-70 (fast-acting)


  1. Honey: Nature's golden goodness – a bit lower on the GI scale but still packs a punch. GI: 55-65 (moderate)


  1. Coconut Sugar: A trendy choice – lower than regular sugar but not quite a low-GI superstar. GI: 54 (moderate)


  1. Brown Sugar: Slightly better than white sugar, but still on the speedy side. GI: 64 (moderate)


  1. Palm Sugar: Earthy and rich – lower GI but not exactly a low-GI superhero. GI: 35-54 (low to moderate)


  1. Jaggery: A traditional touch – moderate GI, but there's room for improvement. GI: 50-70 (moderate)


Now, let's transition to the heroes of the low-GI squad!


Low Glycaemic Index Sweeteners - The Superheroes of Sweeteners


  1. Iso Malt: Our first hero – low GI, low-calorie, and a friend to your waistline. GI: 32 (low)


  1. Stevia: The natural sweet sensation – zero calories, zero guilt, and practically zero on the GI scale. GI: 0 (very low)


  1. Sucralose: The stealthy sweetener – sweet without the sugar spike. GI: 0 (very low)


  1. FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharides): Fancy name, fantastic results – a prebiotic that keeps sweetness in check. GI: Varies but generally low


Understanding these GI values helps us make informed choices, and at Anand Sweets, we've woven a tapestry of flavors that cater to your taste buds and your health. Sweet, isn't it?


A Peek into the Sugar-Free Sweets Range at Anand Sweets

Sugar Free Date Berry: Order Online: http://bit.ly/Dateberry

Sugar Free Kaju Katli: Delivering Worldwide, Order now: https://bit.ly/Sugar_free_kaju_katli

Sugar Free Figberry: Get products delivered to your doorstep, order now: https://bit.ly/Figburfi

Sugar Free Soan Papdi: Free Shipping available, order now: https://bit.ly/Sugar_Free_Soan_Papdi

You're probably wondering, "What's the catch? Can sugar-free sweets really be that good?" Well, don't just take our word for it – our customers have spoken! Testimonials pour in, praising the exquisite taste and guilt-free pleasure of our sugar-free delights.


So, head to Anand Sweets, where sweetness meets smart choices. Your taste buds and your health will thank you!

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