Dharward Peda

Dharward Peda

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Dharward Peda

Dharward Peda

Elevating The Culinary Experience

By exquisite sourcing, impeccable craftmanship

Quality Assurance

Certified, sourced ingredients, unparalleled authenticity.

Purity in Every Bite

All products are free of artificial flavours or added preservatives.

Crafting Authenticity

We hire our karigars, maintaining our high standards for product excellence


We adhere to global hygiene standards.

Quality that delights, In every bite.

Over decades, Anand has grown to be synonymous with premium quality Indian sweets. Using technique, skill and science, our mithai artisans have perfected our recipes, packaging and processes. At hygienic, state- of the - art making facility we mould over 30,000 kgs of sweets everyday to deliver noticeable freshness, patrons can feel, taste and enjoy. Only absolutely fresh, carefully selected ingredients sourced from the best across the country go into making every bite.


We do not accept returns. Refunds are provided in certain cases. Please email us at care@anandsweets.net with relevant information and images for assistance.

All the ingredients used are single sourced origins and of premium quality.

It takes 2-3 days for deliveries in Bangalore, whereas it takes 6-8 days for Nation and worldwide deliveries.

There are no preservatives used in the products, all the products are packed by using MAP technology to sustain the freshness of the products. The shelf life of the products vary from 10 days to 6 months.

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Rajesh Krishnamurthy
Dharwad Pedha

Wonderful taste.

Lincy parameswaran

Dharward Peda

Vikram Hodachalli
Sweets Across Seas: Anand’s Delicacies Deliver Deligh

**Anand Sweets: A Confectionery Bridge from India to the USA**

In a world where cravings for authentic Indian sweets must often contend with the reality of geographical distances, Anand Sweets stands out as a beacon of culinary delight. Their commitment to bringing the essence of Indian festivities across the seven seas is nothing short of remarkable.

**Online Ordering Experience:**
The online ordering process is a breeze, with a user-friendly interface that ensures even the most skeptical of customers are reassured of a seamless experience. The promise of speedy delivery is not just a claim but a reality, as my order placed on a Sunday reached me by Thursday, defying all my initial doubts.

**Sweet Delicacies:**
- **Soan Papdi (4 Stars):** While the Soan Papdi was fresh and flavorful, there's a hint of potential that's yet to be fully realized. A slight improvement could easily elevate this classic to perfection.
- **Dharwad Peda (5 Stars):** Each bite of the Dharwad Peda is a journey through the rich history of Indian sweets. It's a melt-in-your-mouth experience that leaves you wanting more.
- **Motichoor Laddu (5 Stars):** The Motichoor Laddus are the epitome of what traditional Indian sweets should be—soft, sweet, and leaving a lingering taste of home.
- **Anand Mysore Pak (5 Stars):** The Anand Mysore Pak is a true masterpiece, striking the perfect balance between sweetness and texture, making it an unforgettable treat.

**Overall Experience:**
Anand Sweets has not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering not just sweets, but joy and nostalgia, packaged with care. For anyone in the USA missing the authentic taste of Indian sweets, Anand Sweets is the go-to solution. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every bite of their exquisite offerings. Highly recommended for anyone looking to indulge in the true flavors of India.

Prashant Jamwal

Dharward Peda

Radha Sinha

Dharward Peda

World wide delivery within 5-7 days

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