Dry Fruit Halwa
Dry Fruit Halwa
Dry Fruit Halwa

Dry Fruit Halwa

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    LUXURY SWEET: This luxury sweet dish originated in Persia (modern day Iran), way back in the 7th century. At the time, ‘halwa’ was a term used to describe a dish of mashed dates and milk. From then, the sweet has evolved to what it is today. A sweet fit for royalty, the dry fruit halwa is rich, deeply satisfying and adds to all feasts to mark any special occasion.

     TASTE & OCCASION: The Anand Sweets Dry Fruits Halwa comes with a soft and spongy texture that combines beautifully with its flavourful nutty taste. The tempting aroma of pure desi ghee holds it all together. Carry along a packet of this almond-topped, brightly coloured sweet as a gift on a special occasion, and your host will be delighted. With zero preservatives, the pretty-looking gourmet sweet is nutritious and easily digested. It is also a delicious energiser. 


    Cornflour, Clarified Butter, Sugar, Almonds, Pistachios And Cashewnuts


    The delicate, slow-cooked sweet is best eaten fresh but stays good up to a month. Packed in a beautiful light mehndi-green and beige box bearing motifs of royal India of yore, this traditional dessert gets tastefully redefined by Anand Sweets.