Kaju Roll
Kaju Roll
Kaju Roll

Kaju Roll

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    A SPECIAL INDULGENCE: Kaju Roll is a traditional Indian sweet made with sugar syrup and chunks of cashew nuts, which are known for their high-protein and healthy fat content. Minced and rolled to perfection, this sweet is often topped with nuts like almonds and pistachios and decorated with edible silver leaves (vark).

    TASTE & OCCASION: Loved by children, the Anand Sweets Kaju Roll has a smooth, creamy texture and a flavour profile that is both sweet that nutty. You can have it along with chilled flavoured beverages such as badam milk or rose milk or savoury snacks. It’s also an excellent choice for gifting during festivals, weddings and other celebrations.


    Cashewnuts, Sugar Powder, Edible Silver Leaf, Almonds, Pistachios


    The Anand Sweets Kaju Roll comes sealed in a corrugated cardboard box and has a shelf-life of 20 days. Please store the sweets in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to keep their flavour intact and maintain their freshness.