5 Ways To Savour The Sweet Taste Of Good Health

5 Ways To Savour The Sweet Taste Of Good Health

At Anand Sweets we believe in making every day joyous. Let the sweetness of New Year celebrations linger on: check out ‘Guilt Free’, our range of thoughtful indulgences.

Good health does not need to translate to a joyless existence! Do join us in our campaign: ‘responsible indulgence’ to keep up the anand.

Read on to know more, and stock up at a store, or order sweets online.

The 5 commandments of responsible indulgence

1: Follow Portion Control

We believe you can enjoy the good things in life throughout your life if you do so consciously, and in moderation. You need not deprive yourself. If you love sweets, for instance, go ahead, order mithai online and enjoy your favourite every day – but do so in small portions.

2: Check for Shelf Life

Be extra careful about checking the shelf life of the goodie you bite into. Also, when you carry home sweet boxes, ensure that you follow storage instructions carefully.

3: Don’t Skip the Exercise

To be able to enjoy the sweetness of life and stay healthy, this is a small price to pay. Just 30-45 minutes of moderate exercise every day – unless your doctor advises you otherwise. You don’t need to run a marathon to eat the piece of Mysore Pak, just walk the good walk daily, and you’re set to indulge responsibly!

4: Begin your meal with dessert

Starters-maincourse-dessert is not the healthy way to eat. As nutritionists point out, eating sweets at the beginning of a meal triggers the flow of digestive secretions which help your meal get digested. The sweets also activate your tastebuds such that you enjoy your meal more, yet when you start with dessert, you are likely to be satiated quicker and end up eating in moderation. So, it’s all win-win

5: Choose Wisely

Read labels, know the ingredients that go into your favourite sweets, the hygiene processes involved and the quality of packaging. If you do choose to carry a sweets gift box for someone you care for, let it be the best in taste and quality.

‘Responsible indulgence’ is also about choosing to explore the equally delicious and satisfying sweets which are free of regular sugar. Sweets free of sugar are also great gifts for people who have a sweet tooth, but may not be able to indulge in them due to health issues.

Here are some sweet suggestions:

Sugar Free Kaju Katli

Sugar Free Kaju Kati

The Anand Sweets Sugar Free Kaju Katli must be tasted to be believed! It has all the goodness of the rich sweet with no worries about piling on the sugar. The Anand Sweets Sugar Free Kaju Katli is made from the best quality, cashew nut procured in the state. Karnataka being the largest producer of the nut in the country, the cashew nuts are literally farm-to-factory, and super fresh. So, if you wish to buy kaju katli online, without the added sugar calories, you know where to click!

Protein-rich and packed with healthy fats and anti-oxidants, cashew nuts are good for young and old. The sweets come coated with silver vark and are packed in a classy blue and beige box with motifs of royal India - for Anand Sweets believes in bringing you the taste of royal India in every way.

(If searching online in Bangalore, try ‘best kaju katli in Bangalore’ and you know what’s going to pop up! The sugar free version is just as good.)

Sugar Free Soan Papdi

Sugar Free Soan Papdi

The Anand Sweets Sugar Free Soan Papdi is perfect for all who love their dessert with a sprinkling of nutty goodness. Deliciously crisp and flaky, our soan papdi is much prized due to use of the best quality ingredients, coming together in a time-tested recipe ensuring a rich taste without being too heavy. The Anand Sweets Sugar Free Soan Papdi is crafted in small cubes and may be enjoyed as an everyday dessert, served up as a sweet snack with tea or carried along as a gift for any occasion. Guaranteed to be loved by all.

Sugar Free Dry Fruit Fig Burfi

Sugar Free Figberry

An Anand Sweets special, this burfi transports you to a taste heaven in a single bite. Crunchy and delicious, with a treasure trove of nuts in the mix, this one is as healthy as its tasty. The figs provide you with fibre and additional sugar control. The delicious mix of nuts and figs are offset by a dash of quality chocolate. What’s there not to love!

As guilt-free indulgences go this sweet dish ranks up there. Instead of the cliched dry fruits box, try this as a gift. It is also perfect for seniors with a sweet tooth who need that extra boost of nutrition and goodness while keeping down their sugar intake.

Sugar Free Date Berry

Another unique Anand Sweets special, this scrumptious rich-tasting, cardamom flavoured sweet treat, has a mix of nuts, and is offset by pure honey. Packed with proteins and anti- oxidants, the crunchy snack is an indulgence for all. Ideal for children studying for exams as it refreshes with instant energy, the Date Berry is also a healthy delight to pack into lunchboxes. Rich in good fats, this may be eaten guiltfree by adults and the elderly as well.

Sugar Free Badamika

For all those who must have their daily biscuit, this is the perfect solution. Biscuits with the goodness of almonds and no sugar, it is a healthier option for your anytime nibble. Along with your favourite cup of tea, Anand Sweets Sugar Free Badamika is the perfect refreshing, light and tasty snack. Reach for seconds without guilt. Packed into charming little bottles this is a thoughtful gift for all who like to have a little something to eat with their choice of beverage and do not want to add sugar calories.

No Sugar Added Mysore Pak

Sugar Free Mysore Pak

Your favourite dessert, and Karnataka special, now guiltfree, from Anand Sweets! The New Year has come and gone but with Anand Sweets you can continue to indulge. If looking to buy Mysore Pak online, Anand Sweets is your destination. The Sugar Free Mysore Pak from Anand Sweets does not lose out on authenticity. With the aroma of health-giving pure ghee, and the spicy flavours of cardamom, mace and nutmeg, this milky delicacy is part and parcel
of festivities and special celebrations. With this sugar free version, you can add it to your daily dessert option and make every day an occasion of celebrate.

So, whether you are looking to delight anyone with a special sweet box that’s without sugar, or a festival gift box for someone you know enjoys festive sweets but is off sugar, check for nearest Anand Sweets and get going!

‘Home-Made’ Makes The Best Gift Ever!

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