Bring in the Business New Year with Gifts of Gratitude

Bring in the Business New Year with Gifts of Gratitude

It’s that time of the year again – when businesses close books for the previous financial year and prepare for a new beginning. This time’s also the perfect opportunity to nurture old ties and reach out to new alliances in business.

At Anand Sweets we believe that one of the most effective, warmest ways to nurture strong relationships with stakeholders, partners, vendors and other valued associates at this time is to send out personalised, thoughtful gifts that convey to the recipients that their connection and contribution is valued.  As a brand that takes the art of gifting seriously, here are some ideas for corporate gifts that exude meaning and warmth. 

Royal Bandhan

Gifts with a touch of royalty for corporate associates and stakeholders: When it comes to corporate associates and stakeholders, the financial year-end is a good time to renew connections with them. While occasional messages and mails are good, meeting them in person is more impactful and goes a long way in cementing ties. Of course, along with being mindful of their schedule, an extra gesture that you can make is to carry along a nicely-wrapped gift basket of goodies that includes a customised ceramic cup or wall plate along with your choice of Anand’s delectable range of gift boxes. Anand’s Assorted Sweets Gift Box—Royal Bandhan, which contains an assortment of Kaju Katli, Orange Rose Melange, Baklava Almond Tart, Almonds, Cashew nuts, Raisins and Pistachios, is a royal treat that is sure to leave your giftee touched by the gesture. 


Recognise employees with intuitive gifts: As a new financial year begins and new goals and targets are set out for your employees, take some time out to thank your employees for their contributions and achievements in the previous year.  You could organise a simple get-together where accomplishments and achievers are recognised. Along with that, arrange for simple gift boxes wherein you pack a branded diary or journal (for them to write down to-do lists and ideas), a desktop organiser along with a box of Anand’s Meetaaz (Bites) Box, which is a delicious collection of signature sweets in exotic flavours of dark chocolate, mango, orange and rose. Anand also does an Office All-hands Customised Service where we offer a wide-range of sweets and snacks – all freshly made to satiate your employees’ office cravings. Get in touch with us for more details.

Send personalised gifts to customers: The basis of good customer relationship lies in giving individual attention to every customer and being accessible to them. As the financial year ends, one way to nurture connections with your loyal or exclusive customers is to send them special gift boxes thanking them for their continued patronage. Pack in a potted succulent or a personalised copper bottle along with a box of Anand Sweet’s tasteful Royal Baklava Collection or Anand Sweets Bhajji Box (or anything else you know the giftee will appreciate) along with a hand-written note. 

Anand Sweets specialises in crafting bespoke gifts for a range of occasions. From heritage sweets and signature savouries to gourmet biscotti and chocolate assortments, we have carefully curated gift ideas for you to pick from for every occasion worth celebrating.  

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We wish you an auspicious start to the financial year 2023-’24.
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