Spread The Sweetness Of Love: Gift A Surprise!

Spread The Sweetness Of Love: Gift A Surprise!

This season of love, we welcome you to celebrate all the special relationships that fill your lives with abiding happiness. Surprise loved ones with a gift of sweetness to let them know how special they are to you – no need to wait for an occasion. Most often, despite the best intentions, most of us get too caught up in the hurly burly of daily living, and miss out on telling the people who matter how much we value their presence in our lives.

And surely, there’s nothing better than the taste of royal India to do this – pick from the best gourmet Indian sweets. Hop across to your nearest Anand Sweets store to pick up your gifts, or buy Anand Sweets online to have our special sweet boxes delivered to your list of giftees.

Bespoke luxury boxes of the choicest sweets are part of our repertoire, but feel free to customize your gifts. And if in a quandary, reach out to our gifting concierge for a personal consultation to decide on your gift boxes of sweets. We are here to pamper your gifting needs.

Sweet gift boxes, classy delicacies

If gifting your favourite extended family or friends, we suggest you check out the Anand Sweets Assorted Sweets box section so that there’s something for all in the family to relish. The Assorted Laddu Box, for instance, contains a variety: Besan, Atta and Dink Laddus (one of the best gond ke laddu in Bangalore is from our stores). The rich luxury collection is packed into a beautiful festive box that’s a delight to gift and to receive!

Redefine the classic dry fruits box and elevate it to another level with the dry fruit box gourmet options we offer. The Travancore Dry Fruits Wooden Box for example, is crafted to delight the most discerning connoisseur. The charming retro artwork on the box featuring peacocks in an exotic palace garden, transports you to an idyllic space in the instant. Packed within is an assortment of dry fruits, delicious figs and apricots, harking back to the taste of royal India.

When you know your giftee would enjoy savouries along with the gourmet sweets, choose the unique Bhaji Box. The Anand Sweets Signature Bhaji Box includes deliciously rich gujiyas, setting the tone for the Festival of Colour, just around the corner. Packed in rich hues of gold and red, and embellished with charming paisley prints, each gift is a feast for the eyes and the palate.

Anand Sweets, one of the best sweet shops in Bangalore, is truly your one stop destination for the perfect festive gift box.

Unique ideas to spread the joy

Think out of the box when you make your list of giftees. An old relative who you spent fun times with in childhood, but have not been in touch with for a while; a grandparent, you know, has a sweet tooth (even though he or she may not have many teeth any more); even your spouse, who may need to watch his sugar but can relish the goodies guiltfree from the Anand Sweets sugar free delights – including Sugar Free Mysore Pak.

Gifts come alive with personal messaging. In this day and age of impersonal text messages, a handwritten note from-the-heart is in itself a gift. Take time out to spend a moment to write a meaningful message.

Surprise your Special Person, JLT

Surprise your spouse or partner with little gestures and gifts spread through a regular working day – just like that!
Serve his favourite Indian sweet at breakfast to start off the day on a sweet note; send him a thoughtful gift delivered at work (truly unexpected) with a romantic message from you; end the day with a table for two at his favourite restaurant.

You may also mark the evening by inviting your favourite people for a potluck dinner for an impromptu celebration. Let the dinner be simple, and desserts the show-stoppers. Get in our speciality sweets: Baklava and Mysore Pak. Buy the sweets online or go pick up from the nearest Anand Sweets shop.

These exclusive sweets are guaranteed to delight your guests. While one is a Middle Eastern tradition, the other traces its origin to the royal kitchens of the Maharaja of Mysore in the early 20th century. The Anand Sweets Baklava comprises exquisite layers of the lightest filo filled with a gourmet mix of nuts held together with sweet syrup. Delicious! Anand Sweets Mysore Pak, one of the most popular Karnataka sweets, is truly luxurious, redolent with the scent of the pure desi ghee and green cardamom, and literally melts in the mouth.

Wishing you love and friendships forever!

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